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“[Companies] must have a ‘True North’, a destination in mind. That vision must be constant and powerful.”
-Eric Ries/Lean Startup

Noto Designs is a design agency whose mission is to make the world easier to navigate through purposeful branding. We do this by first discovering your “True North” — your why — your mission. Then we communicate this through cohesive, on-mission branding that connects with your customers and directs them to you.

When you partner with Noto Designs, you will be paired with a single designer. We believe that this structure increases productivity, reduces wait time and miscommunication, and ensures dedication to each individual project.


When you partner with Noto Designs, you will be paired with a single designer. This ensures straightforward communication and dedication to each individual project.


Pairing you with a single designer increases overall productivity. It also reduces wait time and miscommunication that comes with working with a large team.


Our solution is cost-effective because of our quick internal processes and having no overhead expenses.

Design work driven by a brand-centric mindset.

 At Noto Designs, we offer a wide range of design services including logos, websites, advertisements, magazines and brochures, event collateral and more. We approach every project with a brand-first mentality, meaning that every piece of visual design we create will fit seamlessly into your brand and will help solidify its messaging.

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