At Noto Designs we offer a wide range of services, but the most important thing to us is your brand’s integrity. We take the time to understand your company on a deeper level so that we can offer cohesive, on-mission designs. We approach every project with a brand-first mentality, meaning that every piece of visual design we create will fit seamlessly into your brand and solidify its messaging.

Just starting out? We love to come alongside new companies and design unique branding that encompasses their visions. We begin by understanding what drives your new company and then create your brand to make the world see what you’re all about.

We begin with a discovery session that allows you to tell us what’s most important to your company and to outline your target market for us. Our goal is to find out what drives you, how you’re going to change the world, and your brand’s desired personality. Next, we spend time researching your industry and competition to determine the best way to position you to stand out.

After we’ve gotten a good idea of what you’re about, we use our findings to design a unique brand theme to fit your company. Using your responses to our discovery session, we create three on-mission brand themes; you choose one to move forward with. Your theme will include color choices, typography, textures, graphic styles, and photography styles. It will give a framework for everything that comes after.

After we’ve perfected your brand, we move on to create all the “other stuff.” This includes your logo, business cards, website, online presence, ads, brochures, and anything else you need to make yourself known. Build your own list of design material items that you need, and we’ll create them to fit seamlessly within your new branding.

You might think that all the work should be done at this point, but branding is a fluid thing. It must always be relevant to where you’re at, and this requires consistent check-ins. We offer all our branding clients an annual brand review. This allows us to monitor your company’s growth and positioning, and figure out if what you’re doing still works for you or needs to be slightly shifted.

We also offer ongoing design services to continue your brand’s reach by creating graphics for your ongoing marketing campaigns. This can include email campaigns, advertisements, spec sheets, website updates, and more.

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