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Being Well Consulting offers wellness, safety and health initiatives to companies and individuals throughout Vermont. They take the time to assess the health of each company or employee, discuss wellness goals, and create a personalized plan to reach those goals. Being Well Consulting is dedicated to improving its clients’ health so that they can enjoy pursuing their passions with ease.

Being Well Consulting was a start-up company looking for a health-focused, exciting and relatable brand. The objective was to design a brand that would clearly relate to their audience without being exclusive. One of the biggest challenges startups face is creating a brand without any previous brand to build from. Therefore, the brand needed to be relatable and instantly build trustworthiness with potential and existing clients.

The Being Well Consulting brand started with choosing bright colors to convey the energy and playfulness of their mission–being well. The imagery portrays health and motion as the person emerges from the services provided.

The person was carefully crafted to relate directly to their key audience. The energy of her walk shows drive and dedication emerging from the wellness consulting a new, driven person. However, the person is not rail thin or portrayed to be perfectly fit already. This energy, drive, and realistic features all push forward to portray the personal achievement and happiness that the business can provide.

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"Christa helped me get my business off the ground from start to finish quickly and professionally. She made everything look so good! She helped me create a logo, business cards, website, LinkedIn profile, materials, and a company t-shirt! WOW! I highly recommend her services!"
Heidi Joyce
Principle, Consultant

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