The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon is a series of 3 mid- and long-distance sled dog races that takes place each winter along the rugged North Shore of Minnesota. Established in 1980, the mission of the race is to conduct the best long-distance sled dog race in the lower 48 states, preserve the heritage of John Beargrease’s story and place in developing the North Shore of Minnesota through use of dogsled, and promote the sport of dog mushing..

The Beargrease had an outdated website that needed to become more visually appealing and user-friendly, both on the front and back ends of the website. The website also had new requirements for the 2022 race of incorporating and promoting the cultural and historical components of the race, as well as the culture and tourism draws of the North Shore. The website had to include these new elements all while keeping the same important information and elements, such as past winners, race time functionality, a donations platform, ecommerce, musher registration, and more.

The new website incorporates a beautiful, gritty, and exciting aesthetic that is all geared toward the dogs and the sport, with ample opportunity to showcase important cultural and historical content. The design is consistent and beautiful throughout, and user paths are clear and concise. The design harnesses the power and energy of the dogs and the beauty of Minnesota’s North Shore. Merchandise designs were also included to further promote this beautiful sport.

Website Design
Merchandise Design

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