NEW Insurance Consultants

NEW Insurance Consultants, LLC sells mostly personal and business property/casualty insurances. The consultants understand that buying insurance can be a frustrating process for most people, and they seek to alleviate that frustration and make the process easier and painless. They are experts on all of the different insurance options available, and love knowing and offering this information to their clients.

NEW Insurance Consultants had been operating for a while without a brand, and they realized that they needed something cohesive to create greater brand recognition and client loyalty. They think of themselves as “insurance nerds”, and wanted something a little playful to brighten up the mundane world of insurance.

The NEW Insurance Consultants uses a bright color scheme to help people lighten up about insurance and also played to the playfulness of the “insurance nerds” title used. The wise owl is the face of their logo as they are not just fun and nerdy, but also very knowledgeable and wise.

Brand Identity

"Christa worked so hard to ensure our design was just right. An incredible value when you consider the effort she put in and the memorable design she created. I will definitely recommend her whenever I find the opportunity. Thank you Christa!"
Jon Allcox
Insurance Nerd

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