North Sea Investment

North Sea Investment is a New York-based investment company, focusing mainly on the real estate market. They seek to provide clear, reliable investment navigation to their clients, opening opportunities for them to invest in reliable projects with significant value in underlying assets. Keeping their clients’ assets safe along the investment journey is of utmost importance to their mission.

North Sea Investment is a new company, the product of a merger between two existing and established investment companies. They needed branding work from the ground-up and desired for their branding to show the company’s experience, reliability, foresight, and safety. They were looking for branding that was clean and professional, but also communicated forward motion.

The new North Sea Investment brand mimics the movement found in a sailboat at sea, navigating the changing winds. The typography used throughout the branding is bold and confident, communicating the expert direction North Sea Investment clients will receive. The company overview booklet design uses a clean, direct aesthetic to create an intuitive reader experience.

Brand Identity
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"Christa is very talented, she always replies within same business day. She's also very nice, reasonable, and understands your requests very well. I would recommend her to my other friends for sure."
Alessandra Lou
Founding Partner

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