Read Modify Write

Read Modify Write offers marketing for tech companies. They service the niche market of software businesses, and offer data-driven and observational marketing strategies. Because they service such a niche market, they are able to offer expert marketing content that comes from a deep understanding of the software industry. Its number one mission is to drive business growth as a direct result of its individualized marketing plans.

Because their niche market is software companies, Read Modify Write needed a fairly tech-y brand aesthetic that spoke to its mission of driving growth upward. They needed something that tech companies could relate to and respect.

With its logomark mimicking a data graph trending upward, the Read Modify Write brand exudes growth strategy and professionalism. The brand is simple and clean, which is what tech companies would look for.

Brand Identity

"Christa designed a full branding package for my marketing business and I couldn't be happier. She really took the time to understand my business and the goal I was trying to achieve. Having spoken with other graphic designers before being referred to Christa, it's clear that she's a true professional and a cut above the rest. The whole project was expertly managed and the final designs are perfect."
Matt Fleming
Marketing Consultant

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