Bring your brand in for a yearly checkup

Bring your brand in for a yearly checkup

We all know it’s the healthy thing to go and see our doctor once a year for an annual physical to make sure everything is working properly and we’re on the right track physically. It’s the time where we can seek expert advice on our health concerns, get guidance on which supplements we might need to add, and have a doctor’s opinion on any lifestyle changes we need to make to stay strong and keep a healthy diet. It’s also the time when our doctor has the chance to catch any major medical issues that we might have overlooked due to our lack of medical expertise.

The health of your brand deserves the same attention and care that you give to your own body. We discussed in another post that you should approach your brand as though its nature is fluid instead of static. Routine brand assessments, conducted by your designer, are a must because your brand should constantly be growing and changing to best fit your changing industry and the expectations of your audience.


Culture is constantly changing and growing, and so is technology. This means that the industry in which you conduct your business is also changing and growing right along with the people in it and the technology it uses.

What worked in your branding yesterday might not be what will work tomorrow. If you’ve come to grips with the idea of viewing your brand as open and ready for change, then it’s important for you to take the time necessary to constantly reassess its effectiveness. You know the expectations of your target market are always shifting, so you need to be able to shift to meet them where they are.


Conducting routine brand assessments doesn’t need to be drastic; it just needs to be effective. I shouldn’t expect a major organ transplant every time I go to the doctor’s for a check-up. In the same way, you shouldn’t worry about needing a logo re-design or completely new color palette every time your designer re-evaluates your brand.

The purpose is to assess your current strategies, and determine what’s working and what’s not. From there, your designer can tell you whether she thinks your brand needs a major surgery, or just some vitamin supplements to add a different kind of vibrancy than you had previously.


If you decide to conduct routine brand assessments, it’s important to ask someone else to help you – preferably your designer. You operate with your brand day-in and day-out, and that kind of familiarity can breed a certain amount of numbness in your judgment of how well your brand is actually working.

Getting your designer’s counsel will bring lots of value to this process. Not only will she be able to ask the right questions to determine effectiveness, but she will also be able to offer clear options with how to proceed.

We would love to help you keep your brand healthy. Reach out to us to request your annual brand assessment!