What does your brand say about you?

We’ve already answered the question “what is a brand?”, so now it’s time to look a little deeper into the details – like what does your brand say about your company?

If your brand is saying something about your company – and believe me, it is, whether you think so or not – then shouldn’t it be on-mission, clear, and cohesive? We think so. Otherwise, what’s the point?

We already mentioned that an inconsistent and unclear brand leads to customer confusion, disloyalty, and wariness. Are these things you’d want your customers to perceive about you? Probably not.


When used strategically, your company’s brand can communicate a wide range of things about your company’s personality and mission. But this first requires you to understand and define those things.

When we begin a branding project, whether it’s a new brand or a re-brand, we start with understanding the basics: who is your target market? What pain points do you solve for your customers? How are you different from your competition? What is your company’s personality profile?

Answering these questions is key to developing an effective brand strategy. You must first understand where you are to define where you’re going.

From here, we use visual and written language to communicate these aspects of your company through on-mission branding.


People do business with people. We hear that everywhere, and it’s true. Your target market is much more willing to pursue you if you “feel” familiar to them. Seek to create a personal connection. Talk to them in their language, using images and ideas that they understand and trust. You must become the thing your target market is seeking for them to allow you to solve their problems.

Creating a community like this using a strong brand personality might feel like too big of a jump. After all, if you chase a niche target market, you will no longer be relevant to “everybody”. But let us encourage you that that’s okay. That’s actually good. Planning your brand strategy in this way will actually create more loyalty among the people who do choose to follow you. They will tell others who are “like them” about you. You will be more honest about who you are, and ultimately more successful because you aren’t distracted with trying to please everybody.

So, boldly pursue “your people”. Connect with them. Let your brand do the talking.

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